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Artsetter is a new artistic community in the contemporary art world. At, our mission is to give talented artists an online art gallery for the exposure they deserve, as well as to connect artists and art lovers. Furthermore, Artsetter is a place where those who are new to contemporary art can feel free to explore and begin to appreciate wide-ranging genres of fine art. An Artsetter art gallery is the ideal place to browse to begin collecting contemporary art online. Artsetter artists compose a diverse group of emerging international artists and embody a high level of quality, as each has been granted an art gallery by fellow members of

An art gallery at Artsetter works differently from other sites, because to ensure the high caliber of art displayed in each individual art gallery, artists go through a voting process before their art is showcased in an Artsetter online art gallery. For an art gallery on Artsetter, the contemporary art market is no longer isolated for the elite: members of Artsetter are the curators, and cast votes to select who receives next Artsetter art gallery. By offering a free art gallery to Artsetter artists, we believe that we can promote a fair vision of the contemporary art market: one that is based on talent and art lovers’ appreciation rather than through mere luck and connections.

We believe Artsetter will soon become a recognized and trusted entity in the contemporary art market –one that displays new and diverse talent on a daily basis, and one that helps to promote and contribute to what contemporary art is all about: constantly changing the landscape and renewing creative inspiration.


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As the curators, members vote to determine which candidates will become the next Artsetter artists.
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othmane taleb
othmane taleb Vote Number of votes: 0/50

Architect and visual artist. Othman Taleb was born in 1977, studied architecture at the Tunis School of Architecture (ENAU). Be looking for a type of contemporary architecture of the face. Othmane tends both to a visual paint passage through beings. Prepare for travel by a set of shapes, colors, flesh tones, freshly "démoulue" and "virgins". This work on each canvas around the tension between getting the sensory quality and be constructive in terms of form. The more he does this, the gap between abstraction and figuration becomes interesting. Using different classical mediums (graphite, charcoal and oil paint), he fight for a new reading of figurative art and always pushing further the limits of the representative, his representation of the body and portraits is not less deeply modern and is a reflection of the great socio-cultural issues of our time. It painted / not draw in front of a live model, but from photographs taken beforehand and associated with many other iconographic sources, serve as a starting point. In the creative process, bodies and faces, he tries to extract a story like open books, anatomy deeply chart. On the sides, sometimes we read boredom, sadness, provocation, loneliness, pride. A process of exploring the limits of mediums, complex process whose sources are constantly changing in response to the act of painting. Thus they seize a state in the making.
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Valeriy Grachov
Valeriy Grachov Vote Number of votes: 1/50

Biography Valeriy Grachov was born in Archangelsk, Russia in 1949. He went to school in Leningrad in 1956 and later moved to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine with the family. He graduated from high school in Kiev and entered Kiev’s Institute of Design and Architecture in 1966 with following graduation in 1972. The artist traveled, resided and worked in many places over mountains in Central Asia, Baikal, Far East, on the islands in Japanese Sea. He lived and worked in Jyvaskyla (Finland) in 1988, Trenton (USA) in 1989-90, Prague (Czech Rep.) in 1974-75. Presently lives in Kiev, Ukraine. Single Exhibitions 1. The Institute of Experimental Designing, Kiev, Ukraine - 1975 2. The Union of Composers, Kiev, Ukraine - 1982 3. The Union of Composers, Kiev, Ukraine - 1984 4. The Union of Architects, Kiev, Ukraine - 1984 5. The Ministry of Geology, Kiev, Ukraine - 1988 6. The Club of Vasyutintsi Village, Chercassy Reg. Ukraine - 1989 7. The Palace of Sport, Kiev, Ukraine - 1993 8. The Ukrainian Art House, Kiev, Ukraine - 1993 9. The Museum of Shevchenko, together with S. Naberezhnih, Kiev, Ukraine - 1993 10. Rifle Club, Prague, Czech Republic - 1994 11. International Trade Center, Central Office of AUDI, Prague, Czech Republic - 1994 12. The Gallery “Fatherland”, Kiev, Ukraine - 1997 13. The Hall of Archive of Literature and Art, Kiev, Ukraine - 2002 14. The House of Actor, Kiev, Ukraine - 2003 15. The Art Gallery of Kiev-Mogylyan Academy, Kiev, Ukraine - 2004 Group Exhibitions 1. State Planetarium, Kiev, Ukraine - 1995 2. The Ukrainian Art House, Kiev, Ukraine - 1996 3. China Jinshan (Shanghai) International Folk Painting Exhibition - 2005 4. Aesthetica Magazine Art Exhibition, York, UK - 2006 5. 'Suzirja' Theater, Kiev, Ukraine, 2008 6. "De Ribas". The 'Soviart' Contemporary Art Center, Kiev, Ukraine, 2008 7. 'Art Kiev 2008', Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine, 2008 Awards 1. - winner in discipline Photography, Mercafir, P.zza Artom 12 - FIRENZE, Italy, 2005 2. The Best Artwork of the Month, Mansco Style, January, Spain, 2008 3. 1st PRIZE in Art Contest "De Ribas". The 'Soviart' Contemporary Art Center, Kiev, Ukraine, 2008 Publications 1. Travel News Magazine, No. 10-11, pp. 37-40, Ukraine, 2003 2. Global Vision Platform, Netherlands, 2005 3. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol. 26, no. 4, pp. 4-5, USA, Jul/Aug, 2006 4. International Artist *, No. 52, pp. 110-119, Canada/USA, Dec/Jan, 2007 5. Fine Art Magazine, pp. 44-45, USA, Spring, 2007 6. Harvests of New Millennium, Volume 1, Number 1, India, January, 2008 7. The MAG, ArtNow Online, USA, April, 2008 8. Art Business News, USA, July, 2008 9. L'Art de l'Aquarelle, n. 6, France, September, 2010 10. Pratiques Des Art, n. 23, France, May, 2011
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Marjolaine Camus
Marjolaine Camus Vote Number of votes: 30/50

Mes tableaux sont réalisés en enduits à la chaux, colorés dans la masse puis grattés pour retrouver les couches sous-jacentes. Cela me permet d'obtenir un graphisme fin et des matières originales, sans renoncer à la couleur.
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Sergei Inkatov
Sergei Inkatov Vote Number of votes: 1/50

Sergei Inkatov was born in Baku in 1971. 1987 Entered art vocational school in Baku to study painting. 1992 recived Certificate of Tver (Russia) high artistic school after Venitsianov class of painting Member of Russian Artist`s Union in Estonia Laureate of the fund ”Cultural Property», Russia, Laureate of the competition «Tallinn Cultural Capital of Europe 2011” Works of S. Inkatov are held in the Art Museum of Narva, «Cultural Property» of the Art Fund in Russia, at the «Comas» Gallery in Spain, Barcelona. At the Maardu Administration in Estonia and many private collections around the word. Now lives and works in Estonia
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