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Wayne Potrafka

Wayne Potrafka

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Although my academic background is in Political Science and Social Work, I have supported myself for over 30 yrs. in the arts. The majority of that time I was a potter/sculptor, specializing in Raku. Health conditions dictated a change, and I began painting at that time. While I have become most knows for a dimensional, recycled material, mixed media painting form, with acrylic, the expanded opportunities of marketing online have allowed me more freedom to work outside the rather conservative bonds of the area in which I live. I have limited interest in subject matter, with all the passion aimed at color, texture, and movement. I do not strive to make people think with my work, but rather to feel. I like knowing the "rules" of art, mostly to take joy in breaking them! I have a wonderful lady in my life, 4 adult children who all pursue the arts in one manner or another, and I am co-owner of Riverview Gallery in Portsmouth, Va. Most of my original work is found there, and I am represented by who print and market my giclee prints. I thank you for taken the time to look at my work, and would love to hear from you.



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