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Hi, my name is Stephanie and began my art business, Copper Horse Studio, this past summer. It is currently a very small enterprise, consisting of one easel in my bedroom as my work studio and myself as my staff. Hopefully, the more I work at it, the more it will grow into a self-supporting independent business. Currently, I'm working with acrylic paints, but I like to experiment with many different kinds of media. I'm most satisfied when art just happens serendipitously. There's no one subject I favor more strongly than others; whatever strikes my fancy is what wins my complete attention. Most of the paintings I've completed since I began this enterprise are of subjects around my home in Winder, Georgia or what I come in contact with on an everyday basis. I love art that looks at ordinary things in unordinary ways. One of my goals aside of expanding my business is becoming more of an influence in my home community of Barrow County through helping support its arts programs. Until my business grows into such a size, for now I'm content just to sit here and paint.



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