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I am an art photographer who specialises in urban scenes, especially candid ones including people. My expression in photography stems from a long family history in artistic fields - oil painters, watercolorists, porcerlain workers, fine carpenters, boat makers, jewelry makers, amongst other fields. I used to photograph for my studies for painting and found myself devoting more and more time to the camera, so I eventually left the brush and took up my camera for good. My Mother gave me my first camera and lesson with it (a Brownie Box) when I was barely old enough to hold a camera so I could take photos of my potted plants (geraniums). I still have the photos. Photography as a form of art can bring the perspective of the artist on their subject as well as any other art form. I believe that Art is to see and not just to look at life. I believe a picture or photo is worth a lot more than a thousand words.

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