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My art is an exploration of the importance of change and releasing the past, especially the people and situations that hinder personal growth, empowerment and transformation. The utilization of mythic figures, archetypes, motifs and themes allows me to explore letting go of the familiar, safe and secure in order to travel to the dark, often frightening, places of the soul. In this way, I've learned to trust my inner voice and honor my soul's need for expression and challenge. As a printmaker and collage / mixed media artist, I use layers of digital images, ink, paint, handmade paper, ephemera, beads, textiles, fibers and glass to create pieces in which some of the images remain visible while others become fragmented, distorted, veiled or buried. The resulting piece is complex and multi-layered in the same way that life is complex and multi-layered. True understanding comes with being able to envision what is below the surface. The imagery, taken from mythology, fairytales and the Tarot, requires a level of introspection... an inward journey and a willingness to face both the positive and negative aspects of life, human experience, personality and the world. As a result, the process of creation becomes an excavation of self. During this inward journey, questions arise regarding spirituality, aging, feminism, visibility and aesthetics. What should remain visible and what should be hidden from view? How do society and our culture control our perceptions? How does this perception affect our view of reality and illusion? I want the viewer to question, explore and discover their own truth.


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