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About my art. By hoping that the translation is correct. Born in 1965, the drawing was always my passion. During my adolescence I was interested in physical sciences, biological and with astronomy. Illustrations and the photographs which I then discovered in the books in connection with the infinitely small, atoms, molecules and more particularly the Micro-organisms as well as the cells (also observed by myself under the microscope) the infinitely great (galaxies, nebulas) determined my first sources inspirations. More tardily I discover Eastern art, in particular the Arab penmanship, whose curves and arabesques become an important source the inspiration, while being also attracted by surrealism and the visionary art. I realize some works, in which i also grant an important place to the representation of a female character. My current creative imagination arises from these passions and discoveries as well as from my dream of cocoon-bubble matric and protector. This will lead me to seek to develop and amalgamate my oneiric and surrealist pictorial research with this strange cocoon-bubble, Organic Ships enjoying its own life, mysterious protean and éthérées naves, sanctuary of a inviolable exploration from where emanates my voyages metaphysics. I seek to give to the spectator the feeling to penetrate my universe, while bringing to him different and renewed perceptions to him visual, by use of various techniques and supports of representation. While working mainly in numerical imagery, starting from original drawings that I carry out on paper for then improving them, to put them color, and to finalize them on computer by i use of the graphics tablet and sometimes by integrating elements resulting from photographs, i also have resorts to acrylic painting and of oil in order to seek effects of reliefs, textures and forms. the exploitation of technologies of lightings innovating, also gives me the opportunity to represent my research metaphysics outside of my universe to transpose them in our daily newspaper in order to give with of observer a palpable feeling of reality. I introduce a modern graphic style in connection with the tendencies of the contemporary design, the state of last technologies and progress of the scientific research in general, while anticipating emergence a biosynthetic future. Progress as regards nanotechnologies, research in physics and biology will allow without question, to see succeeding my obsessional search of organic beings of synthesis having faculty to transport us. I give to the spectator the possibility; to explore my universes on board mysterious naves protean and éthérées (Vaporous) like with through unsoundable protoplasmic membranes, immaterial accesses towards other worlds. I reveal himthe genesis And the hatching of the beings resulting from my imaginary, the way in which I perceive my origins, my birth and my voyages to deepest of the dreams, and brings to him feeling of a transdimentionnelle and oneiric freedom.


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