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Born and raised in Queens, NY I was a student in the New York City public school system from kindergarten through high school. In school I had the opportunity to study both visual art and movement, with a focus on modern and African dance. Following high school I attended Rutgers University, MGSA and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In 2001 I completed a Master of Art and Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. In August 2010 I will complete a Master of Studio Art through New York University, Steinhardt School, department of Global Programs, Venice, Italy and Berlin, Germany. I am a former New York City art teacher K-12 and former college instructor of art education. My current body of work includes installation, mixed media, sculpture, drawing, painting, collage, wearable technology, and digital printing. Through the use of art materials such as ink, pencil and charcoal, I currently create large scale drawings and have recently transformed some of this work into sculpture. I am open to the use of different materials and methods to communicate my ideas. Personal experience and history with dance and movement has greatly influenced my imagery, which predominantly features the figure and/or energy, metamorphosis and transformation. My thoughts focus upon cultural identity, psychology, transfiguration, deconstruction, construction, the body, community, issues of equality, freedom, humanity, aesthetics and it's meaning in our contemporary global society



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