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Louis RUNEMBERG Painter - Sculptor 21, rue Jules Ferry, 92100 BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT /FRANCE Freelance teacher in modelling and oil-painting . Member of the Maison des Artistes and Taylor Foundation Born on March 25 1969, at Mont Saint Aignan, France Originator of the concept " Windows Art" Background education in the arts at the School of the Beaux Arts in Rouen Accomplishments 1994/2002 : Academy of painting 1998/2000 : sketches of real- life models 1999/2000: modelling 1987/1989 : School of painting 1984/1987 : initiation to drawing for 2nd/3rd level students Numerous exhibitions follow : Atelier Porte Ouverte Exhibiting in the city of Boulogne Billancourt Hall Les Fougères on oct 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2009 underneath the Grand' Place Dreknor Event ( creating a poster for the Dreknor Exhibition and exhibiting some of my own artwork in Paris at the Parc André Citroën from June 13th to 14th 2009). Exhibitions abroad GALERIE GLOB'ART in Switzerland from november 1st 2004 to February 6th 2005 in Berne, Davos and Geneva. Personal exhibits in an art gallery 2003 - 2005 GALERIE GLOB'ART, 11 rue Guillaume le Conquérant, 76000 Rouen Public sales - 2004: auction sales at the hotel Drouot in Neuilly-sur- Seine on december 16 th 2004 work of art : oil on canvas/ Title : " Venus in Fauve"/ format : 50x65 cm -1989 : auction sale in the château robert le diable ARRAS BTP. ( Château Robert le diable 15 portraits) - 1988 : auction sale in château Robert le diable ARRAS BTP ( Château Robert le diable 8 portraits) Appearances on the air June 2008 Normandie TV PARIS : exhibiting alongside the Parc André- Citroën June 2008 Normandie TV ROUEN : appearing for the promotion of the Dreknor poster Dreknor la Normandie débarque ( Make way for Dreknor, Normandy). April 14th 2008 on French television France 5 : sequence from show Les Maternelles presenting the hero of the day hero of Les Maternelles on the set Les Maternelles with Karine LE MARCHAND. News coverage by Guillaume Morinet. May 4th 2004 on France 5 tv show Les Maternelles, covered by Guillaume Morinet Cyber exhibitions Youtube, Dailymotion, France 2, Internaut, Métro, Google, Yahoo, myspace, facebook, hi5, artactif, artnet,auction, Normandie TV, France 5,... As special guest 2009 Paris 15th district Parc André Citroën 13th and 14th of June 2009 : hosted by Dreknor. 2004: 4th Beaux Arts Exhibition, Hall of Contemporary painting from May 8th to May 16th at BARENTIN. June 1990 : show at the Palais des Congrès in Rouen More personal exhibits in halls: 2009 : 1st exhibition in Boulogne Billancourt from november 11 th to october 4th ( Windows art 4F,04) 2003 : 27th Spring exhibition in Saint Aubin les Elbeuf ( WINDOWS ART 5 and 6) 2003 : 18th Spring exhibition in the Gallery of the Park of Notre Dame in Gravenchon. ( regard en coin, nuit fauve) ( A sidelong glance, Fauve night) 2002: 20th Fall exhibition at the Gallery of the Park of Notre Dame in Gravenchon( venus fauve) (Venus in Fauve) 53rd Exhibition of la palette Cantilienne. ( Prix de la ville) ( a city award) ( windows color ou fenêtres sur cours) ( windows color or rear windows ) The artists' 36 th exhibition in Grand Quevilly (Psychose) ( Psycho) 54th exhibition in Elbeuf (compositions 1 et 2 et guitare et violon) (pieces 1 and 2 and guitar and violin) 26th Spring Exhibition in Saint Aubin Les Elbeuf. ( Manhattan) 2001: 35 th artists' exhibition in Grand Quevilly.( Prix des annonceurs) ( sponsors award) (Manhattan) 2000: Château Vascoeuil. (La Liberté) (Freedom) 1999: 51st exhibition in Elbeuf (Testament) (Will) 33rd artists' exhibition in Grand Quevilly. (Music color, Windows color) 23rd Spring exhibition in Saint Aubin Les Elbeuf. ( Prix spécial du jury la lectrice) ( Grand Prize by Jury for the Reader) ( works on display from the cours Sauvé nos 1,2,3,4) 10th Fall exhibition in Maromme.( Le Mir and Le Belem Armada Rouen 1999) 1st exhibition by the painters from the Armada 1999 at the cloître des pénitents ( Cloister of the penitents) works (Le Belem, Le Mir, Le Dar, Moldziezy, Europa) 22nd Fall exhibition of the AYAC in Yvetot. ( Guitar et violon) (Guitar and violin) 1998 : 9th Fall exhibition in Maromme. (Le Vase Bleu) ( The Blue Vase) Other places : 1988 : Ecole Franklin rue Raspail, Sotteville- Lès- Rouen. 1987: Comptoir Rouennais on the square la Pucelle in Rouen. Awards and scholarships: - 2002 : Grand Prize by the city of Canteleu ( purchase from Canteleu, title : Rear Window 1st WINDOWS ART 20 portraits). - 2001: Sponsor's award from the city ofr Grand Quevilly MANHATTAN 11 SEPTEMBRE, 115x115 cm). - 1999 : received Special prize from Jury in Saint Aubain Les Elbeuf ( Lectures at Sauvé " The Reader"). - 1990 : seeded 2nd and awarded prize in drawing for the 71ème régiment du Génie de Oissel ( the 71st Engineering Corps in Oissel).. Publications - The BENEZIT a reference dictionary for all painters, sculptors and engravers published by Gründ . - ARTPRICE - ARTVALUE -AKOUN -AUCTION... - 1999 Elbeuf journal " Lectures at Sauvé" The Reader. Designing posters for cultural events - 2009 DREKNOR poster cultural event on the Norman conquest - 1999 CARNAVOILE poster carnival event in Grand Quevilly Designing frescoes - Fresco designed for the Géodis company ( Sotteville lès Rouen) on the lake of Annecy 400x250 cm. - Fresco 150x150 Fruits et Fleurs ( Fruit and Flowers) 5 petit Couronne). Reviews - Luis PORQUET - April 30 , 1999 - Paris Normandie paper " Louis RUNEMBERG - awarded the Grand Prize by the jury- has the chief merit of tackling true subject matter drawn from those years spent working industriously at Sauvé.He is endowed with a genuine approach to painting. There lies a sense of the individual's facial expression of which only the outward body posture is delineated." - André RUELLAN - November 15, 2000- Elbeuf journal The Will - a work by Louis RUNEMBERG- caught our attention by the boldness of the theme and the undertaking. In effect, we must raise our caps to this budding artist whose craft runs counter to works of art that are these days fashionable and unchallenging. If he manages to acquire a sense of self-discipline there is no doubt that he will somedaytake a rightful part in the current debates on art." - André RUELLAN - November 15, 2000 - Elbeuf journal. Through the majestic boldness and the fullness and vibrant quality of his paintstroke Louis Runemberg has a way of recapturing and imparting a beauty of a starker nature as he leaves out vain considerations while allowing for brilliant patches of colour and matter which make him as powerful a painter as he is enthralling. A fine piece of workmanship in a painter who devotes this top- knotch exhibition to nudes and portraiture two fields of which would, doubtless, scare off many a contemporary painter who prefers hiding behind artwork altogether formless , often fearfully unimaginative and infinitely less challenging." - Luis PORQUET - November 2001- Journal Les Affiches de Normandie . " Amongst the exhibitors at the 35th showing we have been sensitive to the work Louis Runemberg sent us offering an unsettling vision of 9/11 that is the vision of a man's body surrounded by smoke and then sucked into abysmal depths." - ART 11 - Site d'Art Contemporain ( Contemporary Art Site) Paintings, sculptures and mountings on canvas by Louis Runemberg " Description : Louis Runemberg expresses his art form whether it be painting or sculpture with uncommon boldness. In his nudes as in his portraits characters are teeming with life and are an invitation to take part in the action. He handles topics of current debate in a forceful manner as with the scream of panic on his montage of 9/11 entitled Manhattan." - Luis PORQUET - April 12, 2002 - Paris Normandie. La Palette bestows its rewards ( 12/ 04 / 2002 right bank) " The 53rd hall of La Palette cantilienne drew to a close on Sunday. The laurels went to an artist for his talents whose originality and richness in his works carried the day. The city award was bestowed upon Louis Runemberg for a sombre yet colorful canvas with both music and characters intertwining on the said canvas." - Luis PORQUET April 12, 2002 Paris Normandie. " Louis Runemberg blends painting with sculpting to voice the horror of 9/11 with a vision of chaos as a man is seen sinking into abysmal depths; a symbol of American power being trodden underfoot with the gigantic infernal Tower engulfing countless lives which never again shall see the light of day whilst stock market values are back where they belong." - Luis PORQUET May 23 2003 - The Elbeuf journal " With Windows, Louis Runemberg revisits, in his own way, a certain approach to stainglass not to be confused with the software bearing the same name. Two narrative sequences with an uncanny and disconcerting flavor which might have deserved to be better highlighted." - André RUELLAN April 2004 Province of Haute Normandie Seine Maritime BARENTIN ( 76360) (zip code) From 5/8/04 to 5/16/04 " Louis Runemberg is a young painter from the northern part of Normandy as imaginative as he is gifted. He masters his craft with gusto and dedicates himself as much to research work in pictorial art as to the emotions felt by one who is under the spell of the uncanny and of the discovery of novel techniques.We have only to mention his new concept "Windows Art" which he will be expounding in Barentin in hall André Siegfried. Private showing scheduled on May 7, 18h30 ( 6 30pm). Please note that a coverage on Louis Runemberg will be aired on TV channel 5 on May 4, at 8h 45 ( 8 45 am) and on cable TV at 21h ( 9 pm). The artist will be talking about his life,artistic world and of course" Windows Art" and the different stages of elaboration." Peinture contemporaine ( Contemporary painting ) " The department of culture in Barentin is getting everything set for its traditional exhibition on contemporary painting which will be shown to the publc in hall Siegfried as of the following week in May : Sat 8 th to Sun 16th. Amid the artists invited for this 2004 show: Louis Runemberg who, as a painter and sculptor, born in 1969 enters the school of Les Beaux Arts in Rouen at the age of 15 under the leadership of F Lagis. At age 18, Louis Runemberg enters the Academy of painting of Les Beaux Arts in Rouen under the leadership of Christian Sauvé. He studies modelling in Armelle Normand's workshop and becomes a painter of the Armada in 1999. During the exhibition the painter will introduce his new concept " Windows Art". In point of fact, there is a news coverage devoted to him which will be aired today, Monday May 4 on channel 5 at 8 h50 ( 8h 50 am) on the French show " Les Maternelles". The Concept of " WINDOWS ART" by Louis RUNEMBERG The concept draws its inspiration from the stain-glass windows in cathedrals and the windows of our modern-day buildings throbbing with activity as when night time comes through the play of light and by scenes from ordinary life. The idea also rests on Cezanne's sentence " the richer the color, the fuller the form" which becomes " the fuller the outline, the richer the color " ( Louis Runemberg). " And this sentence becomes something of a magic formula and so I decide to give it my own interpretation through Windows. The black line highlights the color while delineating it or accentuating it...". The concept Windows Art is also meant to be a response to the evolution of our thoughts and moods. " After having studied painting at the Beaux Arts for several years, I realize that we tire of the images on paintings. There comes a time when we saturate, when the image no longer brings us anything because it has been absorbed by our moods. So that is when the idea occurs to place several images side by side on one and the same canvas to tone down the cloying effect for several images bring a greater set of responses to our moods than just one. And then ... Windows. " They are the images of my unconscious self which I work with using oil-painting. It is first and foremost painting by instinct, driven by the unconscious self; a sort of haziness which is then moulded into shape by careful, delibe- rate delineation. And Windows Art combines these two psychological states. Traduction : Marc NEUBAUHER USA


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