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Lou Pizzi divides his time between Liguria on the Italian Riviera and Ireland. Even from an early age when he started painting, the sea has been the inspiration and poetry for his paintings. Lou paints in "collections" as he likes to change subject and style frequently, feeling that this keep his approach fresh and lively. It also offers a wide range of ever changing paintings for his clients. In August 2002 an American gallery honored Lou with their international "Award of Merit". Over the years he has won other awards, some of which are on show on his site. He has also been featured artist or painter of the month, in a number of galleries worldwide. Easter 2003, Lou's paintings started a well-received six-month tour of Italy, with an exhibition in Liguria. May/June 2003 "The Circle Gallery" in Edinburgh held an exhibition of three painters, including Lou Pizzi. November 2003, Lou's paintings participated in various collective shows around Ireland, both Northern and Southern. 2004 After various successful exhibitions, Lou became "collectable" and a restaurant in Italy bought a large number of Lou's paintings. They re-decorated the restaurant to show the paintings to their best effect. A legal studio soon followed, and a prestigious cocktail bar commissioned Lou to do a painting for their refurbished premises. This has since become their logo and appears on all their menus, advertisements etc. A number of newspapers, magazines and radio stations have interviewed Lou about his work. Most of Lou's clients buy many of his works, and some private collectors each have as many as 17 of his paintings. Lou had numerous commissions to paint portraits of horses for their owners. His paintings are on show in galleries in many different countries. Lou enjoys travel, and has paintings of most of the places he has visited, from Europe to Africa, and indeed has sold to most of these countries.


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