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Now residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, I have spent time in many countries over the past 20 years, including New Zealand, Austraia, Fiji, Tahiti, Mexico and Hawaii and Mainland USA. I have found flowers and plants to be a source for inspiration no matter what the environment. Early in my career I created photorealistic paintings of my subject but have evolved to let the emotion of the environment and my feelings influence the colors and hues of my art. From the saguaro cactus of Arizona to the hibiscus of Port Douglas, Australia, I can remember the exact moment and feeling of a place in time. This is why I paint. Each piece brings back the specific feelings and immortalizes a flower that has long since faded and withered. My most recent work explores more stylized and bold colorization of my subject matter. Shapes of light and color are incorporated into my more recent contemporary scenes and take me to another place. I use pure color to express myself and at the moment I am experimenting with pouring paint and being inventive with my style.


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