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My media is clay. I've dabbled in drawing and painting, but they aren't my passion. More of a pass time when I'm not able to work with my clay. recently I've noticed that my work has gotten quite better, like Ive reached the threshold of professional looking work, and I'm just absolutely elated about that. Currently I am in dire need of money and I'm producing quite a few more mugs as well as little snails that I think might be quite popular. Unfortunately, none of the items I have posted are for sale, except maybe Earth if I get a decent offer.. Also, I'm only selling to those within the continental United States because I've tried mailing to Europe and those prices are a bit more then I can handle. I am willing to do commissions as well, and I also have many other pieces I am willing to sell, but they are older and lower quality, so I haven't posted them.

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