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Frank Creber

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In 2005 Frank Creber was appointed the official artist in residence until 2012 for Water City, an ambitious new re-development programme centred around a network of local waterways in east London. Extending from the Olympic Park in the north to East India Dock in the south, the East End is once again being subjected to the force of rapid urban renewal which Creber is recording through drawings and paintings as the project develops; a project driven by a vision to create a true legacy for east London, both physical and social. But as an artist with over twenty years experience of working within a community group in a deprived neighbourhood in Bow, Creber is equally committed to making works that explore a deeply urban affair between a new world created in the pursuit of progress and modernity and the community that it is setting out to serve. A community whose optimism is by no means universal because they have seen before that the developers


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