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I'm 25years old i've been painting abstract art and crafts for 13years also im takin pics not working in one area im in photos mixing between abstract,people,children,animals and odd. I take a lot of pleasure working from home within the abstract area of painting i hold the skill of watercolours and spray paints/fabric crafting of abstract.I hold more than half of my collection at home within england and the other sets in the middle east and turkey. i have sold some items and given to good causes like mentall health funding and growth of postive elements of life. I'm mostly more of intrest to share and show of the best with what abstract has to offer i'm of intrest to work as a contest with another abstract artist like to form a new level of abstract art mixing 2 artists into once canvas would look intresting :D interior design and lighting abstract is something i'm looking into in the near furture easy going person like to chat and share ideas loves to travel and get the best from art


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