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A visual artist & a lecturer at the Faculty of Applied arts, Helwan University .. graduated from the department of advertising in 1998 with honours & was appointed as an instructor at the same department in 1998 .. participating in the arti field since graduation till now in the fields of painting & graphic design.. Obtained Masters in advertising & was appointed as a teaching assistant in 2002 . PH.D in Advertising & was promoted as a lecturer at the department of advertising in 2006. Curating art since 2007 & has several activities in the field of organizing visual art events.. Has several art writings & scientific articles in the field of art & advertising. My Art: since my early beginnings , nature & human emotions have been the inspiring motivations for my work .. through observation & meditation, both the surroundings & the inside have affected my style of expression in a way that combines between realism & abstraction .. however , abstraction was & still the dominant in my work, as i consider it the key word to my art work. My work is mainly concerned with figurative abstraction, where the painting is set to meet the viewer's eye somewhere in the middle, where the viewer brings his own experiences to understand and feel what he is seeing.. Through my paintings I attempt to achieve complexity and density , to build suggestive layers & implied meanings , not merely mixing lines & colors only to attract the eye .. I want my painting to be so simply and directly painted along with holding deep emotions & hidden meanings, that it shows the act of painting & expresses the joy and the excitement of it .. Visual art & different media .. Throughout practicing art i tried different materials starting with drawing using graphite pencils & paper..this was an obligatory stage that i believe is essential for training & exploring the various basics for drawing & desgin .. i was already having pretty good experience working with color through my study , but still wanted more as i worked with gouache , inks & colored pencils but of course that wasn't enough.. afterwards i began to explore color in different materials starting with oil, oil pastels, watercolor & finally acrylic .. & moving from paper to canvas & wood. Graphic art as my specialization.. As a graphic artist i practiced graphic art & printing using different materials such as zinc, wood, linolium & carboard(couvrage).. i've had some production, but still planning to continue through that field, as it is considered unique & produces significant results.. As computer & digital technology have spread widely all over the world in various fields, visual art was on the top of the list.. through my specialization in advertising & graphic design i was introduced strongly to the new media which became essential in this field .. & of course being a graphic artist there wasn't a chance to let this go by !! i started doing computer graphic through my work of art exploring different techniques and experiencing different moods in the way to getting interesting results .



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