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David Price

David Price

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United States
Friday Harbor, WA
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I'm a retired forester, father of three, grandfather of three and too old to even find my real birthdate within the confines of the computer limits provided (ie pre 1930). As a young man I was a fighter pilot in the USAF. I'm a sailor , a hunter, fisherman, backpacker and, until recently, I played lead trombone in the local 15 piece swing band.. I have a wood shop, an art studio an art display room, and a guest apartment , all clustered around my detached garage and all built by me. I dabbled in watercolors after retirement until advised to switch to oils to better utilize my style. I've made real progress and I'm proud of the work I'm producing. I paint for the fun of it, but the bills must be paid and I've decided to try the market. I have entered my work in various local venues, theaters, fairs and the like and my paintings are posted on under the shop name "GratefulGeezerArts." My landscapes occupy a prominent wall in a local gallery. I travel around throughout North America in my small RV taking photos of interesting scenes for later transfer to canvas . So--- that's who I am and what I do. Note: Prices of my paintings were originally posted in US Dollars, but have now been changed to reflect prices in Euros, the standard for this site. So if you liked something before, check again--- the price in Euros will be 30% lower. dp


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