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I love mixing the emotional with art and design. My favorite emotions are peace, intrigue and style, and celebration of life; these emotions make art exciting and help rejuvenate the mind and body. My Career in the Museum and Performing Arts I am a former art museum curator (5 years), with a lifetime dedicated to the arts as an educator, trained dance performer and musician, and entrepreneur. Currently, I am the founder/chief executive of Global Crest Music, LLC, which was formed in 2007 to promote world music, art, and global business. I love to teach, perform, and promote the arts and global business savvy, plus support social causes through my work. Events and Seminars for Artists and Global Professionals: This year, I am planning a variety of events and teaching courses involving the arts and global affairs. One major event includes gathering a core team to join me in planning a world music series that will also support non profits with the mission one of the following: Global Youth Education (especially among girls), Decrease Global Poverty, Environment, and Support Military Families (especially children). In addition, I will be holding course seminars regarding the 21st century artist, one who is not only an expert in creating art, but also creatively business, social media, and globally savvy. These seminars will get into a lot of detail of how we as creative people can build our legacies and trailblaze our way into building enterprises that respect the art, the artist, the world, and create good profit. Life View: Life, in my view, is to be lived in full passion of what God has given me. Money is not a right to oppress or to mistreat others, it is a blessing to enjoy, always knowing that it can be taken away at the drop of a hat, and used as a tool to bring greater peace in this world. I would love to connect with creative people, please share your art and your thoughts.


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