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Bill Ives

Bill Ives

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United States
Belmont MA
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I paint with acrylics and also do simple line drawings. My focus is directly painting what I see. The goal is not photo realism but an integration of painting and seeing. I primarily do still life or painting from a model at the moment. I have experimented with landscapes from direct observation. I recently did a series on breakfast. These were done from photos. I do not go beyond what I see as I have always imagined paintings as I look at the world. Now I am having fun creating some of these images. I live and work in the Boston area (US) but also paint from my travels. I grew up in New Orleans and it remains a favorite place. I would like to paint there. My current day job is helping companies and individuals with their blogs, Twitter, and other social media on the Web. Here is my art blog - and here is my work blog -


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