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I would like to describe myself as an expressionist through Art Design. Welcome to my site. I am a creative photographer, living in Colombo, Sri Lanka Words and pictures. Paper and ink. And now zeroes and ones-binary digits. These are the raw materials of the graphic designer. They are about to meet, go on a journey, and undergo several transformations, before ending up in a printed and finished or electronic publication that one designed. Something that will communicate ideas and images to large numbers of people.This is how I see myself as a Creative Designer/Photographer Having gained exposure living abroad I have managed to keep an open mind with regard to the elements of design and basic understanding of how design works. One does not have to be a genius to become a photographer. To be creative you must have an eye and a flair to be able to capture what you think is best in your interest as an artist for you are your own artist in your own right.My advise to you would be...Through exposure and gaining experience by taking as many images as you can in a wide variety of formats you will gain experience in becoming a professional in no time.Wishing you all the best I hope you visit my site soon.

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