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Newport News
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I am a visionary artist inspired by the spiritual worlds that we visit in our dreams. I am often visited by friends in other worldly places and try to capture their essence and message on my canvas. In the late 1990's friends encouraged me to use my art to produce a Tarot card deck and subsequently in 2001 I published the Templar Tarot deck using 79 works of my original art. This coming October, 2009 I will continue sharing the visionary Templar journey by publishing an expanded tarot card deck with 21 additional Major Arcana cards and an accompanying 176 page book written by Templar Historian, Stephen Dafoe from Canada. While Stephen and I have never met or even spoken to one another, we seem to share many "other-worldly" friends. I enjoy sharing my art with an international audience that understands and applies the psychological meaning of the symbols that appear in my art and I hope that it helps to expand their vision as well.



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