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I have been interested and into photography since about 1986 and after many years of using 35mm film and a Pentax A3000 camera, I decided to get with the newest technology of digital and have not looked back. I have a Canon Rebel XT digital and love it. With 3 different types of lens, I find I can be a bit versatile for the images I capture from macro to zoom of 300mm range. It is my passion now and I really enjoy it as a hobby and and a chance to be one with nature when I am out and about looking for that ideal photo! I also like to dabble in the mixed media of photos with the program I have on my computer and find it fun to be creative with a photo to see what the artistic side of me can create. I love to view artwork of sorts especially acrylics and oils. My dad is an oil painter and I tend to be a bit more critical on that side of the artwork as he has educated me on some of his "trade secrets" as an artist so when I look at someone elses artwork, I can see what he was talking about! I admire those artists a lot! Back to my photography...I love to take all kinds of nature photos i.e. butterflies, dragonflies, bees, other insects of interest, flowers, to name a few as well as landscapes, and my 2 golden retrievers who are by the way, my subjects a lot! I also have 2 cats who SOMETIMES will let me use them for a subject but anyone who owns a cat knows what that can be like! FINICKY AND ON THEIR TERMS! LOL I am not a people person as per say when it comes to photos as I found it very difficult trying to get in the right frame of mind to take portraits of people so I steer clear of that whenever possible. I belong to a few other internet sites where I have submitted my photos not for sale but for viewing and I do reviews of other photos and share my work and entering contests. ie EYEFETCH, FANARTREVIEW, PHOTOMEDIA I have a website through WEBSHOTS where a lot of my photos have been posted over the years: if you care to check it out! I guess that is about as interesting as it gets for me! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my profile!


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